Interview with BC Musician by Leanne Nash

There’s a big sign next to East 1st Ave. as you exit Highway 99 and drive through Vancouver: Welcome to Vancouver: A Nuclear Weapons Free Zone. All my years living in Vancouver this sign never struck me as anything other than an oxymoron. After all, explode a nuclear weapon and it doesn’t exactly respect borders nor declarations by municipal governments that they don’t want that fallout in their backyard.  The Vancouver sign appeared in 1982, the year before Gerry Hannah went to jail for his part in the direct action against nuclear weapons development. Also in 1982, Vancouver launched its first Walk for Peace, where some 30,000+ people showed up to demand an end to the nuclear arms race.

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Interview with the Georgia Straight by Allan McInnis

Call me a sentimental old punk, but one of my happiest concert-going experiences in recent memory was seeing Jello Biafra, at the Guantanamo School of Medicine show at the Rickshaw Theatre in 2010, beaming on stage as he declared, “I didn’t think that I would ever get to see the Subhumans again.” It was both highly validating of a great Vancouver band, and… well, it just made me happy that Jello had gotten to see his old friends (signed to his label, Alternative Tentacles records) in such fine form.

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Interview with Music She Blogged by Sara Litt

Seven songs that appear on your new album, Coming Home, were originally on Songs From The Underground, how exactly did you record that while you were in prison?


There were quite a few musicians among the inmate population at Matsqui prison. Some of the prisoners had their own musical instruments inside with them and there was some equipment available to us through the prison recreational program. But really, we had very limited resources all in all. We decided that we needed to try to get more funding for the music program and so we formed the Matsqui Musicians Association as an advocacy group for musicians in the prison population.

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Interview with the Calgary Punk Show by Jay Caption

For years now, the idea of composing a solo record is something that has gained considerable momentum in the music industry. From Punk Rock, to Hip Hop, Soul, Folk, it seems that at least one of the members from any given group will inevitably depart from the pack to piece together something personal, different, raw, unique to the artist, at some point in their musical career.


However, Gerry Hannah is no stranger to writing song material away from his fellow musicians. When active with the members of Direct Action (otherwise known as The Squamish Five), Gerry was subsequently arrested and imprisoned for 5 years. During this time, he wrote and recorded a more folk sound than would be familiar to fans of the influential Vancouver band, the Subhumans.


In speaking with Gerry, he commented that these recordings are virtually impossible to get, and in his words, “production wasn’t all that great” so only a handful of people have them. Fast forward to 2014 though, and some of these songs from his previous projects have made it onto Gerry’s new solo album “Coming Home”, available through CD Baby via hardcopy or digital download.

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